Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tangible Feminists

We're not succubi, dream-spawn,
we don't sit on men's chests, suffocate,
draw out semen by wicked means.
Not bain sidhes who howl and keen;
we don't appear to announce
your death. You won't see us
washing bloody clothes in a river.

We can be touched, stroked, fondled,
kissed, licked and bitten. All flesh, yes,
no demon parts, no harbingers of evil.
Unless you'd rather force or ignore,
dismiss with a pat on the head.
Then we might become devilish
(Lucifer never did as he was told).
Then we might become the Fates,
decide if your time has come.

No frigid deserts inside us.
If our bodies don't rise to your touch,
if we don't pant and mew at each word,
it's because you're stupid, or you're not
doing it right. Yes, it's you who are ghostly,
untouchable, unknowable. You can't feel
the weight, the swell, the quickened beat
of hot, embodied justice.


Inspired by SMG via a random title generator for which I cannot locate the link at this time.



  2. I wish could write this well on demand!
    I really kind of hate you, just a little

  3. Flatterers, both of you. But I do like it. It's not a piece I would have written otherwise...maybe there's something there...

  4. No, you're no succubus, no bain-sidhe,
      No sun-starved vampire or femme fatale,
      No nymph's curse, mermaid's song or siren's call
    Could strike such fear into your enemy!
    From all our myths, we men have learned to see
      These dangers, and evade their evil thrall -
      We know when women's shapes are but a pall -
    To all these terrors, we have learned the key.
    But one she-demon still retains her dread,
      One foe, I still unwittingly embrace
      Who knows my every flaw in every case.
    One gorgon will not let me turn my head,
      But, smiling, sets her challenge in my face:
      The oldest threat to Adam's rightful place.

  5. Um. Well. I'm not sure whether to be thrilled at this comment or hideously jealous. Bit of both, I guess. I'm sure you understand.

    (slight pout)

    I can't be too upset. You've invoked Lilith, after all, with the gorgeous line, "But, smiling, sets her challenge in my face"

    Brrr. Shivers on that one. She even scares me a little.

  6. I was hoping you'd be thrilled. Perhaps slightly awed, before you reflected that a highly structured form, such as a sonnet, is actually way easier to hack out than quality free verse such as yours.

    But I did think you were selling yourself short in the demon department. Succubus? Pshaw! Amateurs - the pathetic product of over-active imaginations of ill-advisedly celibate men - not even interested in politics! No, if you're going to compare yourself to a demon, let it be one worthy of you.